About Perenica Commercial Capital

Perenica Commercial Capital works closely with our business and commercial real estate clients to secure intelligent, tailored financing through our our network of trusted providers in capital markets, competitive lending institutions and alternative financing. Business is always evolving, and Perenica Commercial Capital ensures that your business or commercial real estate project is always provided financing solutions tailored for your needs.

Our portfolio of loan products and funding options available in the US have been meticulously researched and tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality and standard available. From Main Street to Wall Street we fund business and projects of all shapes and sizes. We provide competitive financing to all businesses, from those with challenged credit facing a time of transition, to those with fantastic credit but facing high growth challenges. Our portfolio of intelligent financing solutions is unmatched by any bank and includes unsecured lines of credit to SBA loans, equipment financing, asset based lending (ABL), working capital, CMBS loans, bridge loans, mezzanine financing, project financing, private equity, angel and venture capital, business loans and commercial real estate lending.

Our capital partners share our profound understanding of the the financing and lending industry, with world class experience, knowledge and capability in business and commercial real estate transactions, across all sectors.

Perenica Commercial Capital’s operating model is performance based with a framework of Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency and at all times, Ethical. We view our clients as our partners, and as such, we succeed only when they do. We look forward to partnering with you on your next business or commercial real estate financing challenge.

Perenica Commercial Capital – financing solutions for today’s business.